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How we Started

This idea formed when Annika and Layla realized they could not return to weekly volunteering at their local nursing home. Out of all the residents, the girls connected immensely with a resident named Rose. The first time they met her, her eyes lit up with happiness. She started talking immediately about her childhood, life in general, and had the spunkiest personality. When the in-person volunteering had to end due to the pandemic, Layla and Annika knew that they wanted to keep in touch with the residents,  and that all of the residents would be lonely. They once saw a resident receive a letter from her daughter, and she started crying because it brought her so much joy to know that someone thought of her. This showed them that the smallest act of kindness truly does make a difference. The founders decided to organize teenagers in their town to write letters that were sent to the local nursing home that they used to volunteer at. Then they expanded their idea and found interested leader volunteers all over the nation. Letters for Rose now has chapters in over 20 states in the USA, which are all doing the same thing Layla and Annika did, but in their town. 

Elder woman and her caretaker

Our Team

The majority of our team is between the ages of 14-18. We love our community because we are all around the same age so we make great friends. We have team zooms often that sometimes go off topic about school and life in our respective states. It is a great community, everyone is so friendly and we all have so much in common. If you are interested in joining this amazing community and being on the team, click the button below!

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